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Welcome to Bagong Kamalayan Collective Inc
The BAGONG KAMALAYAN COLLECTIVE, INC. (BKCI) is a group of women who have decided to leave the prostitution industry because they cannot tolerate anymore the abuses and violence committed inside the trade. Their renewed strength was also facilitated by education sessions they have undergone with NGOs assisting them. Thus, this assistance is a crucial step towards their road to recovery and empowerment
We Are Seeking For Donations
On December 23, 2005, we hope that you can be with us. The BKCI will hold a Pamaskong Handog for the victims-survivors of prostitution. The Pamaskong Handog will be held in Cubao, Quezon City, from 7 to 11 PM. Because of our budgetary limitations, we are appealing to invite your good office to be a co-sponsor of our Pamaskong Handog
The BKCI in Medical Mission
The BAGONG KAMALAYAN COLLECTIVE, INC. (BKCI) happy to share with you the Medical Mission for the women victim/survivors of Prostitution, held on October 4,2005, was able to achieve its objectives, attended by 60 women’s from Cubao Quezon City.

The medical mission results women appreciate of the need and importance of immediately taking care of their health and they wish for the second medical mission again next year.

The success of the medical mission would not have been possible without your generous assistance and support of you good office. In behalf of all partners (Samaritana, Sinag Kababaihan, and CATW-AP), and the organizer Bagong Kamalayan Collective Inc., we send you our heartfelt gratitude. We wish you power and success in your own efforts, which we believe are always integrated with our own.

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