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We are seeking donations for the upcoming Pamaskong Handog.

Please Help Us to grant the project for womens and their family

The Pamaskong Handog

The BAGONG KAMALAYAN COLLECTIVE, INC. (BKCI) is a group of women who have decided to leave the prostitution industry because they cannot tolerate anymore the abuses and violence committed inside the trade. Their renewed strength was also facilitated by education sessions they have undergone with NGOs assisting them. Thus, this assistance is a crucial step towards their road to recovery and empowerment.

The BKCI was formed and composed of women victim-survivors of gender violence, particularly trafficking and prostitution, to reclaim their respect for themselves. The BKCI was founded in November 2002. It was formally launched on 14 June 2004 with the help of our board of advisers and other non-governmental organizations.

Aside from the education provided to us, the organization also appreciate NGOs’ unity with us, for us to learn that we are not isolated, to get to know our rights, and to experience fighting collectively against the system. Thus, on December 23, 2005, we hope that you can be with us.The BKCI will hold a Pamaskong Handog for the victims-survivors of prostitution. The Pamaskong Handog will be held in 7th Floor Sterten Place Condominium, Quezon City, from 7 to 11 PM.Because of our budgetary limitations, we are appealing to invite your good office to be a co-sponsor of our Pamaskong Handog. As sponsor, you may display your product banner during event. Co-sponsor is requested cash assistance of P30, 000 for help in our Pamaskong Handog. Any form of help, in cash or in kind, canned goods will be deeply appreciated.

For more Information you can contact Mr. Harven Steve Pascual at

Email address: hiharvie@yahoo.co.uk or bkci_2005@hotmail.com,

Cell Phone no. 0920-4438364. Tel No: (632) 427-26-33

Thank you and more power!

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